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October 20th 2023, 04:58 AM
Peasant He/Him Romania bloop rumble
I like Frutti Fresh 
Today I was working on a dmod that will probably never see the light of day and I was thinking "man, it would be sweet if I could control the brightness of each individual screen through script". And then I realized I had a ton of other similar moments working on dmods where I thought about different dmodding features dink could have. And then I realized dink is frickin old and it needs a new engine rebuilt from scratch similar to the one made for Daggerfall Unity.

Now, just for the sake of discussion, I'd like to know if anyone who knows coding at all would have the slightest interest in making a dink unity/godot/unreal whatever. I'm a graphic designer (or trying to build a career as one) so my coding skills won't see much improvement any time soon (not that they were ever something meaningful). But is the rest of the community not as REPULSED by the ancient capabilities of DinkC?! Are you not sick of playing on a resolution 3 times smaller than your current screen? Do you not curse the fact that there's many simple functionalities that dink simply doesn't have?!

Let's talk