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November 2nd 2022, 02:27 PM
When I first obtained Hellfire in 'Pilgrims Quest' it seemed much weaker than in the original 'Dink Smallwood' game and other Dink DMODs. When I examined the Hellfire source (item-sfb.c) it appears the the author's intent was to have Hellfire strength be 20 plus the player's Magic level. However, there appears to be a typing error that prevents the 20 from being added to the Hellfire strength. Here is the section of code containing the error:

int &yyo;
&yyo = &magic;
&yy0 += 20;
sp_strength(&junk, &yyo);

As you can see the variable yyo is declared with a lower case 'o' character but the line that adds the 20 to strength has an upper case 'O' character which I think means that the 20 never gets added to the strength. It seems strange that this has gone unnoticed for almost 20 years so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about this error.