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August 12th 2022, 04:01 PM
Jester He/Him Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
" haven't tried yet with the newest version of HD, I don't have freedink installed yet"
If you are using an old version of DinkHD or vanilla 1.08, then yes, you will be experiencing performance issues when using a lot of external calls. But there is no problem when using FreeDink or the newest version of DinkHD - works reliably everytime.

"I've had mixed results storing values in unused sprite params."
"I will also attempt measure the performance hit of accessing a remote variable housed by a sprite param, especially if it relies on another external procedure that may access another remote variable."
I do it a lot in Charlie's Legacy. You can literally do it every 5 seconds if you want, even while the player is mid-battle and they won't notice a difference at all(again - use the latest DinkHD or FreeDink)
void remoteseq(void)
 //check or set editor_seq value remotely on any screen.
 //&arg1 = map#, &arg2 = editor-sprite#, &arg3 = value(-1 to retrieve).
 int &oldmap;
 int &savevalue;
 &oldmap = &player_map;
 &player_map = &arg1;
 &savevalue = editor_seq(&arg2, &arg3);
 &player_map = &oldmap;

So using the above, to set a value of '1' on editor_seq 5, screen 20:
external("dc-f", "remoteseq", 20, 5, 1);

And to get the value:
external("dc-f", "remoteseq", 20, 5, -1);
int &getvalue = &return;

As I said, you can do this as much as you want, it won't affect the players current screen, this is because all that's required to access editor_info is to change &player_map, but no change actually happens on the play-able screen without doing load_screen, draw_screen, draw_hard_map.

Replying to your snippet
Nice. I think SlipDink's Checkbit probably does a similar thing, in a different way, useful stuff. I've always used the svar_store and svar_extract stuff tho for my Dmods, but I'll check it out again when it's done.