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October 26th 2019, 12:13 PM
Peasant He/Him United States bloop rumble
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
... And the award for the modding community with the most professional support, goes to...

The Dink Network!!

Congratulations, you ol' DDC worshiping loonies

Ladies and gentlemen, please forgive me if my words are inadequate in thanking you for your very great kindness. If I were to mention all those who have shown me such wonderful generosity while being a part of the Dink Network, I should have to entertain you with an oration as long as some of the speeches I put into some of my dmods. So if I may, I should like to devote my thanks on this occasion to that composite figure of energy, courage, and very great kindness, in whom all points of Dink Smallwood meet -- Mr. Seth Robinson.

At the sake of sounding repetitious, I just want to thank Redink1 for being a true "keeper of the flame", Beuc for freedink and too many more for me to take the time to mention here for their parts in donating files in the "Files - Development" part of

(P.S.: I also offer my deepest apologies to those at .)