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August 18th 2003, 08:02 AM
I'm working on :

The community - part uno - attack of the noobs

It is indeed a community d-mod and in part one, Kory and his "noob army" want to take over the community.

You'll need to complete "Glenn's second d-mod", "Timo's first (satanic) d-mod" and "Kory's first attempt" in order to stop this army of darkness.

I will only use real dink network members in this mod but I will not ask permission to use their names.
If they don't want to be in it however, they can IM me to let me know.

example : Kat trying to commit suicide
example : Alli and Tal having telephone sex
example : and other "less insulting" stuff

The story will continue in :

The community - part dos - the binirit menace

and as thinkdink says :
"- i DON'T need permission from the people i might use
- and if u want you in the game as a townsperson DON'T tell me stuff u want u to say in the game
- remember if i dont get permission from people i WILL use you
- remember if i use you,you must NOT ok with me taking the mick out of u in the game"

thanks for reading, have a nice day