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July 16th 2017, 02:16 PM
Ghost They/Them
I must admit that I'm silly so I could not finish the game because I didn't find the handle.


where is the stone giant that holds the handle??in other meaning where is the cave near yaztromo tower?
how I can enter the dungeon?
what is holy water for?(i completed the star puzzle)
what is dust of levitation for?(maybe it is related to last part of the game!?)
what is duck for?
how i can release that monster from the fences?
is there anyway to kill that stone monster after the house(that has chest with bomb)?
where is northern part of the map?
where was brass flute?(i found brass bell in the cave and gave it to the priest)
monster on the tree was guarding something or not(i killed it but nothing happened)
There was a luck potion in trees that i couldn't reach.who could get it?
where is the secret city?(i pushed nearly all of stones but i didn't find any secret.)

Some answers:

for the parole: 22---9 , 8---5 , 16---???
for the stars: start with star that is under the middle star
for southern part of the map: you should search for a whole one screen lower than the screen with closed dungeon
for Pirate puzzle: I solve it very easy.i just bought potion of concentration then puzzle solved easily
for pink dragon:I didn't find brass flute but i could kill it with 36 attack and 8 defense.(i promise you that i didn't cheat)

A really big bug:
i could enter the house of arragon-the arch mage for over ten times and got 500 coins for every turn.(some body may do this over 100 times and buy the holy water)