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June 13th 2017, 08:00 AM
Peasant Male bloop
I'm here, just hidden in the shadows. 
Okay, before I forget about this, here are my ratings:
1. Bloop's Purpoise
Dan has a long-time experience with developing D-Mods, and it shows. He created new graphics, notably for the fishes. It also has an interesting boss battle. It starts out with a typical plot: the bad guy does something evil, it's up to the hero to repair the damage, gain power, than defeat the villain. But after that, the plot takes a twist... It's a nice mix of old D-Mod formula and new ideas.
2. Another Fish Named Bloop
This D-Mod uses the setting of A Fish Named Bloop, created by iplaydink. (As a note, all of the contest entries use graphics from iplaydink's D-Mod.) For this entry, it's a good idea to play the mentoined D-Mod beforehand, because the story will make way more sense. After Bloop defeats the antagonist of the previous D-Mod, he starts having mental issues. His psychologist advises him to do an objective that will help him distract from that state. But nothing is ever simple, right? The D-mod is flawed in some ways, like the lack of dots at the end of sentances or being behind object that look floating due to Bloop's size. But for it's storyline and creative solutions, I don't regret playing it.
3. 2001: A Bloop Oddyssey
An arcade style game. It's also based on the setting of iplaydink's D-Mod. It certainly has more polish than Bluedy's D-Mod, but I found it really boring. So, it gets the last place, because it was the least interesting for me.