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June 4th 2017, 06:01 PM
Peasant Male Finland bloop
"I'd like to be a tree..." 
That's odd, dink.exe crashes when I play your D-Mod, redink1... Just after the opening dialogue. Anyone else having this problem?

Yeah, same. Right when the status bar is supposed to appear (I think), it crashes. Both on DFArc2 and FreeDink.

Played a few levels of your D-Mod, Skull. Good stuff! I might continue later for the other levels.

Thanks. There's more variety in the later levels. But it also gets pretty tough.

Maybe it's just me who sucks, but Skull... did you test your D-Mod from start to finish?

Yeah. Everything works fine from start to finish on my end. There are a couple of issues I am aware of (and maybe some I'm not), cause I rushed the whole thing out as a joke for April Fools' Day, due to not realising this was an actual contest. Had I known it was, I'd have spent some extra time polishing out minor issues, would've probably made the D-Mod longer, and spent some time detailing the map a bit better and picking MIDIs more carefully. I might still do that at some point. But there definitely shouldn't be anything game breaking. If you're referring to difficulty, then yes, it does get pretty difficult around level 5, cause it's a short D-Mod, and I wanted to make it feel like a classic arcade game in its difficulty, and really "stress you out in a good way".

I was gonna play both Bluedy and Redink's D-Mods through before commenting anything on them, but since I can't get Redink's to work, I might as well just give my opinion on Bluedy's D-Mod right now and save the other for later.

All in all, I thought Another Fish Named Bloop wasn't actually a bad first D-Mod at all. It was longer and way more polished than I expected. It was really funny and entertaining (and oddly distressing at points also), and it gave me a bit of an old-school D-Mod feel with its wit, clever ideas and humour. That feeling was probably, actually, helped by the fact that it was your first D-Mod. The somewhat "sloppy" work gives it a feeling of early D-Mods. By the way, I don't think there's ever been another D-Mod that actually shows parts of and gives an unique twist to another already-existing D-Mod like this one does, so props on that. I, too, liked the fact that you also used original Dink graphics along with the Bloop ones. It was a good idea, though some screens perhaps didn't make that much sense. But they don't really need to. It's the type of D-Mod that doesn't really need to make sense. Reminds me of The Quest for Cheese, in that regard.

All that being said, there were some issues. First off, there was a save file left in the D-Mod when I first started. You could talk to the dead "hallucination" on your bed multiple times (didn't break the game but clearly wasn't meant to be). I was also able to pass through the rock you were supposed to bomb. Also some minor nitpicks: Some of the pauses between the dialogues were a bit too long, and the characters would always say an "extra line" at the end of a conversation that wasn't supposed to happen unless you talked to them again. Also, some characters/objects were really hard to talk to/examine cause of their (or maybe Bloop's) depth dot. You need to be in the perfect spot. Other than that, really solid work for a first D-Mod. Have a cat as a reward: . (I can't believe we have a cat but still not a beheaded duck smiley)