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September 1st 2012, 11:39 PM
Peasant Female New Zealand
Tag - Umm.. tag, you're it? 
Hugs Abs, of course it hasn't - I have been quite sick the last month and a bit - been in hopsital etc but think I am coming right now.

This most definately hasn't been cancelled and you promised way back you would beta test when the time comes - guna hold you to it blossom. Nowhere near that stage now yet. Lets see if you are still here when its time.

I have been making graphics for others dmods as requested - and a couple of add ons for Shady for a couple of people.

What I have done to this since this thread started...
* Finished the "special sequence" graphics
* deleted the mudflats area and am revamping it as was too large and windy and wasnt condusive to fun playing
* Have completed condensing the map
* Made a new monster graphics and worked out the kinks in the scripts
* and because this is a kiwi made dmod - added sheep as well as pillbugs hehhehe
* made death sprites for the sheep and my new monster animation (looks quite in keeping with other dink monsters I must say)
* started the rest of the scripting in earnest - it is about 20% done
So while it looks like not a lot has been done - it is moving forward and the background stuff is slowly being finished

Spose thats anther year hahaha dont hold your breath but yes it will be done even if its shortened to a romp or quest because its a large romp size now.