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April 19th 2003, 05:17 PM
Ghost They/Them
I guess trying to steer the conversation towards a *solution* doesn't work. How about which script line refers to map.dat? That might be corrupt for some reason.

My computer is not screwed. It runs perfectly.

You're too shallow. "it works fine for everyone else so *you* must've done something wrong".

There are millions of things that could have gone wrong that weren't *my* fault. They could even have been yours.


For those who care, here's an excerpt from start.c . The problem may lie around here somewhere.

//Create the START button....

&crap = create_sprite(76, 434, 14, 194, 1);
sp_script(&crap, "start-1");
sp_noclip(&crap, 1);
sp_touch_damage(&crap, -1);

//Create the CONTINUE button....

&crap = create_sprite(314, 434, 14, 195, 1);
sp_script(&crap, "start-2");
sp_noclip(&crap, 1);
sp_touch_damage(&crap, -1);


Thank you to those who try to help.