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bugs in v1.5

Fall of Tahmar (The)

April 12th 2008, 12:20 AM
Peasant Male Russia
Here are some bugs of 1.5 version of this dmod.

1) a bug i have noticed in different dmods: sometimes dialogs with characters are skipped - go to angryman (who killed slayer with his hands) after you saw a cutscene at the gates, and ask him about his leaving to war. He won't say anything, though he is supposed to. (s0-angryman.c)

2) a bug in bar: dialog between officer and dink sometimes gets interrupted after words "Before you can go there you need a clawsword." As Dink remains frozen, it is very badly. If you encountered it, restart dink's application and load last saved game. (s1-barp.c)

3) today i found one more bug. I decided to gain more experience at the first town (level s0 again). I came to Erana's house (the quest was already completed, I gave this girl half money to get +1 defense), she said "Hi, Dink!". I ignored her and went through the riddle again. And suddenly Dink decided to say his part of dialog as if i just completed quest and decided to give the girl only one coin! SO I LOST ONE COIN!! I immediately went out of the riddle, but the girl still said "Hi, Dink!" and talked to me. Yes, and I forgot that this time Dink didn't say "Loser" and so the script had interrupted before variable &RiddleQ changed. That explains why the girl was still glad to see me. (s0-riddleqend.c)
Duck, I understand why this bug happens. Let's see at the script:
void main(void)
if (&RiddleQ == 4)
// <dialog starts>
"No way!"
if (&result == 1)
// <dink behaves as a good boy>
} // and what the duck is doing THIS BRACKET??? It ends "if (&RiddleQ == 4)" !!

if (&result == 2)
// <dink behaves as a bad boy>
} // this bracket ends "main()"

So when riddle quest is completed and Dink goes through the riddle again, the script checks whether &result of last operation is 2. Yes, and &result contains random value. It can be 2 sometimes, then you get this bug.
Dink doesn't say "Loser" because the engine fails to move non-existing Erana sprite and so the script doesn't continue.

p.s. I use DS v 1.8
p.p.s. this is my temporary account, because your forum engine recognizes me as spambot when I try to submit this message without registration.
April 12th 2008, 07:58 AM
Peasant Male bloop
I must have missed them, sadly. I'll fix them right away and upload a patch. Thank you If you or anyone else discovers another bug, why don't you PM me?
April 12th 2008, 08:21 AM
Peasant Male Russia
Sorry, next time I will send you a PM.