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Undeleted sprites in Dink 1.02

December 5th 2022, 07:00 AM
Peasant They/Them Australia
As part of my fork, I decided to make a function that recovers deleted sprites and then run it on the Dink 1.02 map to see what secrets RTSoft has withheld from us.

First off, we can tell by the Dink.dat numbering that the first screens made were not in Stonebrook, but instead the area south of Windemere in and around the arrow rocks. Undeleting the sprites on this screen reveals a whole ton of magic potions.

Around this area, there are a few other things to discover. On the screen to the east we find a save machine all on its own, and next to the actual save machine in the final game is a farm with some dragons. To the west, there's a random pair of boots.

Looking in Stonebrook, it turns out that there's a small heart just lying around outside of Dink's house. The rest of Stonebrook itself doesn't have that much else hidden away, except for a gold stash in SmileStein's house, and a stairway behind a tree.

The screens around Stonebrook have a lot to discover, such as the one with the savebot. It should be mentioned that in many cases, these sprite leftovers would have been from using DinkEdit's screen cloning before pressing Alt+Delete to remove all sprites, as most of the adjoining screens have a ton more trees suggesting they were all derived from the same screen.

To the east, we find a "savebot" in the form of a Darklands teleporter, and to the south we find a few instances of Dink standing around, presumably to test various animation cycles. In the corner of this area, the AlkTree is suggested to have originally dropped gold pieces.

Much further east, past the herb boot guy's house, we find a leftover from the v1.01 demo in the form of the grim reaper's boat plus the letter telling you to buy the full game. To the west, approaching the bridge there's a pig pen, and also an off-screen sprite of a house roof on fire.

In Terris, GoodHeart Castle is much smaller, and Dink's upstairs room originally had a spinning wheel. South of Terris near the abandoned mine is a pumpkin patch. In Charlie's house, we find it originally had two tables thrown in with the purchase.

Other miscellany includes the meat screen having far more meat alongside the characters of Joppa Island, a test scene in KernSin of rock monsters and spikes, wandering knights with the s2-evil script, and last but not least, we find out what the original final boss actually looked like.
December 5th 2022, 02:25 PM
Peasant He/Him Equatorial Guinea duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
too many links, didnt read

ok, read it. savebot massacre confirmed to be canon