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the ideal way forward for dink smallwood

March 19th 2022, 10:41 AM
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hello, i am dollar crudsworth of parasite investments. it has come to my attention that a game known as dink smallwood has made money and has loyal fans. i am here to offer a proposition to make one of these things greater at the expense of the other.

my plan is outlined thus -

1: outsource the game to a cheap chinese or indonesian studio to develop an enhanced mobile port separate from dinkHD. it is also possible we could outsource to a chinese company and they'll further outsource where they don't want to put in any effort. my colleagues have made observations of the effectiveness of this strategy after seeing the great success of blizzard's "warcraft 3: reforged".
2: once the game is in our hands, i will use my considerable wealth to help robinson technologies hire the best researchers for the game. behavioral science will be a top priority to ensure maximum profits. with this, we will be able to catch the real whales of the dink community. leading examples of the genre i wish for dink to adopt are girls x battle 2, fate/grand order, and gameloft's own my little pony game.
2b: once the systems have been designed to begin profiteering, it will be crucial to fire the majority of the team. we recommend firing the top-paid employees at your company and replacing them with new, cheaper employees. experience and knowledge of games will not be necessary at this point in the company's history.
3: ultimately, this is not a long-term goal and the company's reputation will suffer. furthermore, company morale will be at an all-time low. however, the immediate growth will guarantee a safe future for the CEO.

look forward to ruining your company and many others,
dollar crudsworth (written in a way you can't read, out of golden ink)