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A bomb bug (has this gone unnoticed somehow?)

July 16th 2021, 11:51 AM
Jester Male Australia
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So if you don't want this to possibly happen in your dmod after placing a bomb down and changing screens before it explodes:
A bomb bug

Then I suggest you copy "dam-bom.c" from the original Dink scripts, into your dmod and add the following at the very start of the main procedure:

To stop it from surviving a screen change.
It doesn't happen all the time.. only if a sprite on the screen the player changed to, has the same active sprite number as the created bomb on the previous screen..

That video was from the original game, in Windemere.

The reason script_attach(0); is needed is because dam-bom.c is spawned from item-bom.c when a bomb is used, so it survives a screen change without this fix. Also, dam-bom.c is never actually killed off in the original script with a kill_this_task, so every time the player uses a bomb, a new instance of dam-bom.c is loaded into memory and never gets killed off. It survives until the player quits the game or loads a game. Adding the script_attach(0) fixes that as well.
July 16th 2021, 11:59 PM
Peasant Australia steam
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I had a look and it seems well-discussed by rabidwolf9 as far back as 2005. Strange that it missed being fixed in 1.08 though.