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Red/orange stuff in the Dink map

January 31st 2021, 04:20 AM
Peasant Australia steam
I've come to get my meat 
Hello everyone, I was investigating upscaling algorithms and tested some on Dink's graphics with varying results. Partway through testing multiple ESRGAN models on the Dink map (warning large PNG), I noticed the map had something weird on it that I couldn't make sense of. Right above the "S" in "Stonebrook" there appears to be fire tiles or something else of a similar colour. This makes no sense considering that in the game, there are only a few ducks and trees there. Does anyone know what this could possibly be?
January 31st 2021, 04:56 AM
It does look like a fire lake. As for why it's there... Beats me! My first thought was maybe they were just testing the fire tiles when Seth screenshotted the map, but on second thought, that would be a really weird place to test something (a finished screen in the game world proper).

Also, hilariously, there's a giant desk at SunCool pond. That's just a blocker to keep Dink from venturing there too early, and is actually invisible in-game.
April 2nd 2021, 06:03 PM
Peasant Male United States
i am Ancient 
It's obviously damage on the paper of the map itself.
December 11th 2022, 08:22 AM
Peasant Australia steam
I've come to get my meat 
Scratcher, you were right! In Dink 1.02 there's a stray fire tile on that particular screen behind the tree that wasn't blotted out for the final release.
December 11th 2022, 03:05 PM
Peasant Male Romania
C# nerd 
Huh, I never really noticed that before... Interesting find!