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A Day in the Life of Dink Smallwood walkthrough

A Day in the Life of Dink Smallwood

July 27th 2009, 10:22 AM
You start in your room.When wake up, Stacy comes because a guy stole her underwear..AGAIN. Go down the stairs, get out of the house. Now you are in a village. Talk to everyone...if you want.Now, got to the house that is one screen up,then right from the inn.Talk to the old man.Ask him did he stole Stacy's underwear.He will say that he didn't, then say "Don't Lie!".Ok, now Dink wants to kill him, but don't kill him.Listen what he has to say.Ok, now you've got one magic level up and a fireball, talk to him again and ask him if he will teach you another magic spell.Now you should get another magic level up, and an arrow magic, it shoots arrows in 4 directions, later (as your magic level is higher) the arrows will fire in few more direction..Cool isn't it?He also told you to look for red spotted mushrooms.They will teleport you to secret places or boost your stats.If you kill him you will get a potion that will rise all your stats by one, and a scroll.Get the scroll to your Aunt and you will get a rock throwing magic.It will throw three rocks in front of you.For the location of all the red spotted mushrooms look at the bottom of the walkthrough.My advice is to look at the bottom now, because i wrote the location of some secrets too, it will help you a lot . Anyway you should get back to Stacy, her house is 2 screens left from the inn.Behind a tree (one that you can burn)is a magic potion.The tree is one screen right from Stacy's house.One screen down from the Stacy's house,on the bottom left there is a destroyed box.You can walk on it, so get on the hill using that box,go left and pick up a golden heart, and also there is a strength potion behind the tree.Go back and enter Stacy's house.When you say to Stacy that you got the underwear, you screwed up, but there is nothing you can do..Anyway talk to Stacy again.Looks like you have to get the firewood.Three logs should do it.In the north there should be gates to enter the forest.Go 3 screens up for the magic potion.Kill all the pillbugs and boncas and pick up the money to buy a sword (usefull for later).One screen left from the potion,behind the left tree is a log.Three screens down, and two left, there is the 2nd log, now go two screens up and four screens right, there is the final log.YAY!!, now back to Stacy.Give her the firewood, talk to her you need a pumpkin.The pumpkin is one screen up from the old man's house(the guy who taught you magic).Pick up the pumpkin and get back to Stacy.Now you need to get yourself busy until she makes the soup.Now is the time to buy the sword.The shop is one screen up from Stacy's house.You can buy the healing magic, but I beated the d.mod without it.Talk to the people in the shop,(first talk to the guy in blue, the to the guy upstairs, try to talk twice to the guy upstairs) .Now when you bought the sword, go to the gates that lead to the forest.Go four screens up,and two screens right, DO NOT EAT OR TOUCH THE RED SPOTTED MUSHROOM!!because it is poisoned.Anyway you should see a portal in that screen(two magical starts).Enter the portal.Kill the boncas with melee and arrow magic.Go right, and take the right path (side).Go two screens down,then right kill the enemies (you can let the boncas kill slimes those things with spikes, and then kill the boncas).Now when they are all dead, punch the rock, go down and pick up everything, then go back up, and take the left path.Go down, the left, and talk to the duck statue, push the red button.Nothing happened...get back to Stacy's, the soup will be ready.Talk to her, her sister screamed, get out of the house, go right and talk to her.Looks like the red button did something after all.Follow the blood trail that goes out of the village.Hmmmm...looks like you can't follow the blood trail then...ah well...go three screens up, one left, and again one up.Enter the cave.The monsters in the cave are strong so be carefull.When you enter the cave, go left,kill the guard.Go right,up,right,and down.Save your game and go down.Looks like the wizard thinks you are someone else...kill him.Exit the cave, go one screen down and two screens left, enter the portal.Go right, and take the left path.Go two screens down and you will find a wounded man.Kill the monsters and talk to him.Do not kill him.Listen to him, he will tell you that his name is Ganzith (the guy that the wizard wanted to kill).Soon he will die.Back to the village, the bodies are gone.Go to the inn and talk to your Aunt,you will get a free drink.Go upstairs have a sleep,go out of the house.Go to the shop talk to the guy in blue.Ok, now go to Stacy's house and talk to her.
Weird end.
How to get the second ending?:
Don't spare the underwear thief, kill him, get the book.Take it to the library and choose the option "I have the book".The deal is that the Library lady will give Dink 100 gold, but she gave him 30 gold.After a small chat choose the option "Kll that she dog".Enjoy in the bad ending.
I don't know how to get the 3rd ending yet will have to ask someone else...
Red spotted mushrooms and secrets:
one screen up from the library,it will boost your defence by 1.
On the gates to enter the forest, go three screens left, one down, talk to the mushroom and you will be teleported to the place where a strength potion is.
Now go three screens up, and one right,punch the mushroom and your strength will be boosted.Also there is a magic potion behind the tree you can burn.
Now go one screen right and burn down the tree and enter the secret place.When you got out, go two screens up, burn the tree and pick up the magic potion.Go one screen down, one screen right...there is a mushroom on the right side of the left tree.It will boost your magic by one.OK, now go three screens left for a mushroom.It will fill your health (do not use it if your health is full). On this screen, burn the tree and get the golden heart.
I think this is it.Hope this is/was helpfull
July 27th 2009, 10:25 AM
Bard They/Them Netherlands
Lazy bum 
Nice. Some alineas would be nice though.

You should submit it to the Dink Solutions.
July 27th 2009, 02:58 PM
I agree, add paragraphs! If you took all the spaces out it would only be a little harder to read than it is now...
Otherwise great

Third ending: When Stacy is making soup go back and speak to her again after speaking to the shopkeeper.
A secret I think you missed: bottom left screen of the village you can walk over the box/grass/rubbish to get to something, golden heart IIRC.
July 27th 2009, 09:38 PM
Peasant He/Him New Zealand rumble
"Skinny Legend" 
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July 28th 2009, 02:15 AM
Peasant He/Him New Zealand
I am really impressed with this. couldn't have done it better myself if you had included the other ending. And I'm amazed that you finished it without healing magic, because I even had trouble beating the boss with heal magic.
July 28th 2009, 05:29 AM
It took me very long to beat this d-mod without healing magic (The magic costs a lot, so I didn't bought it...I was too lazy )
Anyway I will put the walkthrough on Dink Solutions...just as soon as i remember my password on the e-mail XD.It was a while since i went on the E-mail...I'm sure i wrote it down...somewhere....
July 28th 2009, 08:25 PM
Peasant He/Him
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April 4th 2015, 01:48 PM
Ghost They/Them
For the 3rd ending you have to talk to Stacy (twice) while she is cooking the pumpkin soup.