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Underground Sea

The general look of the two tile sets
April 14th, 2013
Score : 6.0 fair
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This is probably IPlayDink's worst file. When I read the title "Underground Sea" I was really expecting something awesome.

There are certain elements I look for in a tileset; the edges, how it looks, and how well it connects.

They aren't amazing or terrible. It feels very flat to me.

IPD basically just copied the water tiles already found in dink, and pasted them onto the commonly used cave tiles. These tiles weren't originally designed for each other, so a little shading/darkening around the edges would have given this a more realistic tone to it.

They do connect to each other fairly well. So that's good.

Overall I just don't find this very appealing. There's no instructions on how to install this into your dmod, and I expect - though I haven't tested - there will be no hardness lines for them. The readme provided is little more than self-credit with a few typos.