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This cheating solution allows you to activate specific cheats just by pressing a key on your keyboard. Included cheats are: locking/unlocking the screen, healing, saving, gold, stats boosts, and more.
Released:July 25th, 2003
File Size:1.80 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
February 25th, 2007
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant She/Her Mexico
It isn't really cheating that I want to do, but to me, a game that moves slow is not necessarily exciting or challenging. I have no interest in god modes or infinite health or money. Some risks are necessary to keep a game exciting. But sometimes, making an adventure exciting also makes it boring at too slow a speed, or almost impossible to get past certain challenges without becoming a habitual Methusaleh. I use other cheats, like the Cheater/Trainer - not all cheats work on every DMOD, sad to say, but this is one doesn't usually get youo bumped from a DMOD the one I use most. It isn't as easily detected as others, when a DMOD is looking for cheats and killing your game if you use them.

The script which allows the fireball, hellfire, acid rain, throwing ax, elixer and herb boots into his inventory is more than I would require, but it can be edited to exclude the items you don't want - even a dumdum like me can do that. What I really want from it is those herb boots! That way I can get on with it, don'tcha know.

Still, upping the stats can also help a lot, especially if I want to get through the game without dying umpteen times. Some games are like that, and a bit more power helps.

I only rarely use the extra cash script, but sometimes it saves a lot of wandering around to earn the extra geld. It's best at 500, rather than giving him a fortune. It can be taken several times if you really need more.

The screen unlock is a godsend because some games have glitches, where at times a locked screen won't unlock. Saves returning to Windows, and sometimes a reboot.

Also at times, in an attempt to make a game REALLY challenging, Dink has almost no wiggle room for injuries, and this cheat allows his health meter to grow to a reasonable level. Also, for the same reasons, some DMOD programmers make enemies almost impossible to kill. Being able to heal him on the spot makes up for that admirably - levels the playing field a bit.

The cheat is easy to install, does no harm to the game (unless you don't save any overwritten files), and is quick and easy to use. It gets past all the problems I encounter that might call for a wee bit o'help.

Thanks for offering it.

Holly B.
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