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Tutorial D-Mod

June 3rd, 2002
Score : 5.6 fair
The basic idea of this file is very nice, however it appeared that the author rushed out this file (for DOTM of May, 2002, I assumed) and make it not so good.

First, when you read the readme file in the main directory, you would find that half of the readme file was for CloudCastle!

Then, if you look into the Graph directory, what you would see is the files of AGAE (As Good as Eternity). They were NOT used in this tutorial dmod at all.

Annotation of the scripts are supposed to be the main function of this file. Unlike the impression that I got from the readme, only a few of scripts have more annotations than normal scripts. And unfortunately, some of them are not correct or just useless. Here are a few example:

//This is needed if you are going to create a sprite int &sabre;
(No, this is needed if you want to use a new local variable.)

// always have a 1 at the end move_stop(&sabre, 2, 90, 1);
(No, usually have 0 at the end, or you can move through any hardness.)

//This means it won't hurt you if you touch it
sp_touch_damage(¤t_sprite, -1);
(Yes, but the main purpose of -1 is so that touch() procedure would be called if this sprite is touched. 0 means it won't hurt Dink, if Dink touches it)

There are more... but you should get the point.

Also unlike what the author claimed, only very few scripts was mentioned in the game. You still need to go to editer to find the names of most scripts.

Not to mention the hardness and map problems.

This file was intended to give beginners a tutorial for scripting. The author did make some effort, but I like it to be done more carefully and maybe more organized. And more importantly, the scripts should be bugless. It is not so trivial for beginners to spot the bugs in tutorial scripts since they were trying to learn scripting from this file.
June 1st, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant She/Her
This is a D-mod that is mostly a tutorial; purpose is to learn more about scripting.

Good about it: This tutorial lets you see, and tells you while playing, what is going on and gives you the names of the scripts the sprites use so you can check them out in the story-directory. Therefore you can easily find the scripts which are named in the D-mod and you do not have to search through endless lists of files.
It lets you see the sprites used to warp which are normally made invisible in the editor; which is a strange sight in the D-mod (since, when you are playing a D-mod you are ofcourse not used to see the tables or rocks used to make a warp), but which is indeed a very good idea for a tutorial. (It does not explain how to make a warp, but that is explained in other files/tutorials.)
The scripts used in this tutorial are very good explained in the scripts themselves so you can see what a certain command does in the game.

Examples of scripts that are explained: conversation, signs, how to add an item, how to add magic, how to create a storyline, how to make a variable, how to create sprites, what scripts are used by defensepotion and pillbug.

D-mod: Apart from being a tutorial it is also a very, very tiny D-mod with 1 mini-quest (to find some magic rocks) and some conversations in which Redink, WC, Tal and the author himself play a part. Apart from that, there is no D-mod to play: what is going on in the D-mod is purely to explain scripting; and this is done in an entertaining and funny way.

Not so good: There are also other scripts in the story-directory which are not or rarely annotated. So if you wish to study one of those that is a lot harder.

Remark: Although the author says the tutorial is meant for those who want to learn the basics of D-mod creation, the tutorial is only about scripting. Topics as adding graphics, sound, and editing dink.ini, or how to start creating at all, are not covered. Which is not a bad thing since they are explained in other files, but perhaps the name Scripting Tutorial would cover its full intention better.

Fit for: Those who have already some basic knowledge of how to make a D-mod. You do have to know how to use the editor and what basic commands there are and what keys to use to get information about the sprites.
But if you do know these things, this tutorial is a great help.

Overall: A good tutorial to learn more about scripting if you know the basics but are not yet at advanced level.
March 8th, 2004
Score : 0.2 horrible
Noble He/Him United Kingdom
This is a terrible file. It was written at a time when I had very little real understanding of DinkC, and only though I could do things properly. With the release of Simonk's TMOD (Dink Goes Boating), this file has not only become completely redundant, but a bit of a joke.
Don't download this, dowload "Dink goes Boating". you won't regret it.
August 27th, 2003
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant He/Him Australia
Hmmm, a good idea, average execution.

The scripts need more annotation. They should've been indented properly. Dink turning into a dragon to fire spells was interesting but should've stuck to the standard magic attack sequence so as not to confuse the beginning dmod author.

Can you learn stuff from using and exploring this file. Sure. But why are the AGAE grahpics in there... the original graphiccs would've been fine for the majority of what was in here.

The layout of the DMOD was too big. This is meant to be a tutorial, not an exercise in waiting and pushing the arrow keys on your keyboard.

5 out of 10
July 16th, 2003
Score : 4.0 tolerable
sorry sabre
but this file isnt the best
dink moves along the screen to fast and theres hardness bugs everywhere
i was trying to go places but i couldnt because dink just shot across the screen!
its a good file apart from the hardness bugs and how fast dink walks
if those where fixed id advise it for everyone
June 17th, 2003
Score : 5.0 fair
This is a tutorial wich teaches you the basics of scipting.

Good: The scripts tells you their names. And the basics is included.

Bad: Much important stuff is missing. I,e how to make the warps invisible. MANY hardness errors.You can get the fireball hell many times
November 30th, 2002
Score : 4.2 tolerable
Peasant He/Him
This is indeed a bad tutorial, much worse than I expected. There are lots of hardness errors. The scripts aren't THAT heavily commented, and they are very buggy too. I think EasyDinkC's error check, which isn't even very advanced, found more than 20 bugs in them. Also, apart from the actual bugs, this tutorial is badly scripted. You can for example get as many fireball spells as you want (8 is the maximum, actually) just by talking to the spell man more times. The world is very large and empty too. I bet nobody can learn anything important of this tutorial at all, but I have a few positive things to say. The buttons on the title screen are cool. Some Midis are OK too, but it is annoying with the same one all over the island. The last plus is the humour. It's sooo *cute* ( )! Anyway I wouldn't download this, if I was you. And even though the humour is cool, this is a tutorial, not a D-Mod, after all. Make it better next time, SabreTrout!