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Three Amulets

Dink fights a many-tentacled boss. From the COTPATD project.
February 18th, 2010
Score : 8.9 good
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Three Amulets by iplaydink

In this DMOD, Dink must save a village from the goblins that are preparing an attack. Later, Dink is sent on a quest for the Three amulets to get into the heart of goblin territory and eliminate their leader. This DMOD is Zelda inspirated with Zeldaish puzzles.

===== SOUND =====

The music in this DMOD was ok and well placed. Most of the tunes were from Zelda games. But some (like the cave tune) is kinda repetetive and gets oon your head after a while. 7 out of 10

===== GRAPHICS =====

Woah, there's tons of new graphics in Three Amulets. And they're used very well in this DMOD, but they're not the most good looking that I've seen. 7.5 out of 10

===== GAMEPLAY =====

Three Amulets has a Zelda-like gameplay. You need a certain item or power to get through there, and to get to the next area you need an item or power here etc. The puzzles are very well scripted, and the bosses blew my mind. The scripting job was awesome. I enjoyed betatesting and playing through this DMOD. Although I spent 30mins on finding that town. I couldn't really find any downer here, when you level you get 1 magic token which can be used to buy various upgrades or spells for Dink. The system worked out nicely. Sometimes the enemies were kinda tough, like the green monsters in the caves.
9.5 out of 10

===== LAST APPEAL =====


Three Amulets is a Zelda inspired, a-little-longer-than-just-a-quest DMOD. Wich entertaining dialogue and challenging encounters. The author has really put an effort into making this DMOD and I recommend it to everyone.


Nothing really. But you'll have to kill a heap of monsters and level up to stand a chance against the running eyeballs later.

===== TOTAL =====

Three Amulets gets a:

8.9 out of 9.9

The author is sure on scripting and knew what he did when he put this DMOD together. Good job!

- Quiztis