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Spy Number 13 (The)

Prepare to see this message. From the COTPATD project.
June 19th, 2014
Score : 6.7 fair
Peasant He/Him Japan bloop
Responsible for making things not look like ass 
Are you looking for a challenge? Are you looking for a dmod that'll frustrate you with invisible savebots and ridiculously strong enemies? Are you looking for a Dmod that is hard enough that you'll clench so much in rage you're undies will get all bunched up?
If you answered yes to any of these questions this dmod is for you.

This dmod features many things such as
-Thornbushes that will kill you if you hit them
-Enemies with very long range
-Rooms with lots and lots of fire
-The inevitable slime pit of despair
-A timer that will bring death
-A man with an unfortunate name

and much much more! (sort of)

There are some nice modified graphics for your enjoyment in the game. Scratcher probably modified them himself. You should applaud him for that. *clap clap* good job with that. Things like rotated knights that look like they played around with a fish eye lens a bit. There's also a poster that doesn't actually scream out "HARK!", or "WANTED!", or "Town News". Because those just get annoying sometimes you know? There's also two- no wait! THREE new inventory item graphics. Yeap, pretty cool. One of them is a golden ticket. Sorry, but it won't let you into the chocolate factory.

The story isn't really all that exciting or detailed. It can be quite humorous though. So there's that. You play as a goblin. Maybe that's why the game is so hard. Scratcher must not like Goblins so he purposely made it super easy for our protagonist to die. And everytime we die scratcher is secretly laughing, "haha serves you right ya dumb goblin". It must be his revenge because they were actually put in the original game while he- a rolling spike- was not. It's not much of a grand tale, but it's decent.

I found it hard to tell if the poor english in the game was done that way purposefully or because of goblins. It was made 13 years ago so it's possible Scratcher wasn't quite as fluent in english at that time. Or perhaps he just didn't care. Either way look forward to reading some awkward sentences.

The map itself is pretty small, but it packs a lot in there. I'd like to think there were three boss fights. One of which is optional- though it might be hard to beat the final boss without the upgrades the optional boss provides. There are a surprising amount of secrets things(potions mostly) behind breakable walls. Whoduthunk it? There's even a secret weapon. It's basically just a stronger axe, but still- who can resist a secret weapon? There's that not much flare on each screen. Many are fairly empty besides some walls and maybe a knight or two.

When you level up there's an option to increase max health which is a nice addition. Though while Scratcher was editing lraise.c I'm surprised he didn't remove the choice of upgrading one's magic level, seeing as how there's no magic in this game. Maybe he left it there just to peeve the player. Like that megapotion that calls you a sucker.

Overall this is a romptastic adventure with an incredibly difficulty level. I managed to complete it just barely without cheating, but I was itching to rage quit on several occasions. I'd recommend trying it out and if you find it too hard, that's okay. It is pretty hard. I understand. This is a challenging Dmod, so go fail to your hearts content!