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Spy Number 13 (The)

Prepare to see this message. From the COTPATD project.
Released:June 17th, 2014
File Size:242.35 KB
Release Notes:Bug Fixes
* Made invisible savebots HUM (they're still invisible, but at least you get a hint)
* Added savebot on screen 62 (there was totally a spot for it!)
* Fixed bug where guards wouldn't attack you when you unequip your armour
* Fixed mismatched voice colour for one of the guards
* Fixed "view/change gamepad buttons" option in the escape menu (it would just quit earlier)
* Fixed profoundly terrible diagonal hardness on screens 25, 31, 32, 61, 64, 94, 156, 157
* Fixed hardness on screen 223
* Added load game checks (push_active(0) and such)
* Fixed bug that could cause your weapon to not swing properly
* Fixed some depth que problems (where sprites would appear over you when they should be under)
* Fixed wall mismatch between screens 157 and 125
* Fixed fire practice hardbox/depth que so that the flames are actually where it looks like they are (Before, the actual flames were harmless and the fire would hurt you way below the graphic)
* Added a bigger gap on screen 25 so that you can reach the goodie. (Mind you, it's still difficult. Keep bumping at the wall. Also, I could swear this used to be possible with the 1 pixel gap... maybe it's a version difference)
* Fixed miscoloured line for boss goblin
* Fixed line incorrectly said by emo guard instead of the player
* Made it so that the game doesn't become unbeatable even if you squander your bomb
* Fixed freeze bug with Thaoken's fence Guard
* Made Thaoken's death animation work
* Random sprites (usually walls) should no longer disappear when the timer is counting down
* Removed excess Riidmii.txt file (It was a near-identical version of Readme.txt, which I wrote before the dmod was actually complete. I like writing readmes, still do.)
* Made it so the healer won't creep back to the screen after she flees from you
* Made the healer flee the screen if you hit her, as intended
* Fixed bug where you could talk to the healer while she's fleeing, thus interrupting the script
* Made fires and acid rains in the practice alley unhittable * Made machine that completes the fire practise lose its hardness when it disappears
* Added script for unpickable megapotion, which I 'kinda forgot' to do the first time around
* Fixed WC on FRED
* Fixed exit so that it bumps you back when you're not yet supposed to go out
* Added suit checks for fence guard
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Released:June 21st, 2001
File Size:241.37 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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