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Slaughterhouse (The)

So are you Tal or Dinkulum tell me or I will destroy you
September 22nd, 2023
Score : 6.4 fair
Peasant They/Them Australia
On June 8th 1998, Mike Snyder announced the very first D-mod-making competition to be held between June 9th and July 2nd. The rules were fairly straightforward and required entrants to have a legitimate purchase of Dink, to release the resulting mod with no price attached to it, and for the submission to be finishable within two hours. Before the deadline, four entries were submitted including Sword of Paranor, Dinkopolis, Pointless, and of course The Slaughterhouse.

This was only a few months after the initial release of Dink in January, meaning modding resources were still very scarce, and Mystery Island hadn't even been finished. Mike Snyder only came out with his famous "Skeleton B" two days before the competition deadline in fact, and "Scar of David", the first non-RTSoft D-mod only a few months prior in March. Needless to say, the expectations would have been fairly low, and the relative quality of the entries reflects this.

The Slaughterhouse may be finished in roughly five to ten minutes, and consists of walking through a deceptively large house while performing a few fetch quests in order to figure out the mystery of "HIM". It also features the usual array of punchable/talkable inanimate objects that are worth exploring too. Of the four entries, it very narrowly beat the second-place "Sword of Paranor" to win the first prize of $100 from Seth. The second prize was $65, and the third was $35, both given by Mike Snyder himself. The top three entrants also received a CD of Dink from RTSoft.

In the final averaged tally determined by the judges, The Slaughterhouse received a score of 6.35 versus Paranor's 6.32. Its historical significance is far greater than that, however, so I will round it up to 6.4.