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Slaughterhouse (The)

So are you Tal or Dinkulum tell me or I will destroy you
September 4th, 2023
Score : 3.3 tolerable
Peasant He/Him Hungary bloop
The nation above all 
So, I decided to continue my journey to play (and review) all D-Mods. Let's get right to it!

Dink is trapped in a place named the Slaughterhouse, his goal is to escape by the way to meet (and probably defeat) a being referred as "Him". It's a simple premise - nothing wrong with that, plenty of D-Mods started with such. They either twisted with player expectations, started to develop the story into something more complex, or just decided to focus on gameplay instead. One good example would be Quest for Cheese, whose plot is exactly what it says, but sends you on one of the most absurd journeys in any D-Mod. So what's the problem? The problem is, the D-Mod barely has any more story then mentioned premise, and doesn't have gameplay that makes up for it. Like, I'd have liked to know: how and why did Dink get here? Why is it called the Slaughterhouse? Does it have something to do with the corpses everywhere? Why are those here? What are pillbugs doing in this place? How do the characters get around with the pillbugs? What is the backstory of the characters? What are they doing here? Just to name a few.

There are no new graphics apart from the title screen, but I admit, that does look good.

Not bad, but feels quite avarage. No major issues apart from two places on the first screen where you can go out of bounds.

This is where the D-Mod falls short for me. You have one "quest", which consists of fighting (or just avoiding) pillbugs, talking to one character, and fetching some items. I'd be more forgiving if that process were at least a little interesting, but unfortunately, it isn't.

The D-Mod attempts to have some jokes, mostly related to looking or hitting the furniture. Unfortunately, they didn't click with me.

Nothing apart from the laack of hardness mentioned above.

The D-Mod feels like someone's first D-Mod. Don't get me wrong it's far from bad compared to some other D-Mods out there, but it offers nothing really interesting. It is clear that effort went into this, but unfortunately, it fails to be remarkable in any way. It's just... okay. I can't really recommend to anyone to play this, unless you just want to play every single D-Mod out there. There are D-Mods that I gave worse ratings for their problems, but despite that, some were worth playing because they were hillariously bad, or their story was utterly absurd. I think this D-Mod's destiny is to forever be just a footnote in Dink history. But that's fitting I guess.