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Saga (The): Episode 1

December 18th, 2002
Score : 7.3 good
Peasant Female
Storyline: Dink is robbed in the Land of Peace and he has to find his claw sword back. That is the main quest. There are no subquests.

Map and graphics: The map is small, but then again, so is the D-mod. But the map is not that interesting. There are some details, but they are the same sprites: just pigs or trees or bonca’s on one screen. No new graphics, but the graphics of Dink have been modified.

Music: The music is al right.

Good: Dink in a pair of jeans is a nice change.

Not so good: You can get stuck in the poles when entering the first cave of the gang if you enter too much to the south. At the end you can choose between ‘Play again’ and ‘Quit’ but neither options work. There are no savebots, which is bad since you have to face four adjoining screens with screenlocks and tough enemies. There are no other ways to heal then if you get some food from a bonca you have killed. Levelling up takes time since the enemies are strong and there are only bonca’s, no pillbugs ‘for starters’. Since there are no savebots either, this is sheer impossible – or real annoying if the player does give it a try, and dies trying so he has to start all over again.

Overall: A tiny D-mod that has a nice story, but that needs cheat.

Fit for: Only with cheat or if you know how to use the editor.
October 9th, 2005
Score : 3.5 tolerable
I found this dmod dull. All you have to do is get your sword back. That's it. Where's the fun in that? No side quests, no new weapons, no witty dialogue, nothing fun. There isn't even really a maze you have to go through to get to the main boss at the end. This took me less than 5 minutes to get through. It is pointless to download.