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I've been playing various Dink Dmods for several months now. I think that means I'm addicted. I'm just glad it's free.

If you care, I'm 21, live in California, and am a senior at my local university studying anthropology.

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2005-09-04 14:56:24
Well, there's "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel. Does that count?

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This Dmod Was All Right Dink Learns MusicNormalFair 6.5October 9th, 2005
I Found This Dmod Dull Saga (The): Episode 1NormalTolerable 3.5October 9th, 2005
This Game Was a Lot of Fun As Good As EternityNormalExceptional 9.2September 25th, 2005
This Dmod Was Difficult To Get Through Friends Beyond 1NormalFair 6.6September 25th, 2005
This Dmod Was Pretty Good TerraniaNormalGood 8.5September 19th, 2005