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Rivals (The)

July 24th, 2003
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant Female Canada
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The Rivals by DareDink and ThinkDink

The Good: A Nice little romp, with no bugs that I could find. Lots of save bots, and boncas & pillbugs to fight along the way. Then the dragons show up with there magic. Too bad there was NO magic in this game, though with the help of the speed boots I was running every which way. And you can't go wrong with a flying axe. The music was nice (when I could hear it - my fault lousey speakers). The storyline itself was simple yet had a sense of dtermination to it. Nothing new about the scenery as we have seen it in quite a few dmods.

The Bad: Nothing really bad, just a bit repetitous at times, and what was I to do with all that extra money?

Overall: I nice little dmod. I look forward to the brothers making more dmods as time goes by. (Hopefully longer ones???)

ooops my bad I missed the magic, sorry about that.