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Rivals (The)

September 18th, 2004
Score : 4.0 tolerable
It's short... but not so entertaining.

Style: 5
The Rivals seems to have been put together haphazardly. The roads are unedged; there is no transition different tile sets. On two screens, the trees which form the borders turn into boncas. As for the dialogue... Daredink has His Own rules for Capitalization. I don't mind no caps, but random caps are a bit annoying. Some of the conversation is funny, though.

In general, it seems like the author was a bit lazy. There are a lot of undecorated, sameish screens, you aren't allowed to enter houses, etc. Some buildings have been decorated nicely. I'll take Chriz's word on the music (dang laptop speakers)... he's also right that the game picks up slightly at the end.

Gameplay: 4
Painfully dull. You go through screen after screen after screen of insanely easy to kill boncas and pills. Then you do a few screens of somewhat easy to kill dragons. Then you face the end boss, who seems to summon "minions" at the edge of the screen, where they can't harm you. Not much in the way of figuring out what to do, either.

Story: 3
More of a "kill the evil bad guy" than a "two cities at war" story. I mean, one of the cities has the same name as the evil bad guy. And he eat his villagers (a nice touch). But believe me when I say it's not properly fleshed out.

Overall: 4.0
Not worth the download unless you're bored. But many have done worse...much worse.
November 17th, 2005
Score : 6.0 fair
Nice game to play when ya are bored or have some spare time.
Nice idee ,but thats it.
Its very short (i played it in 15-20 minits) and the skils are realy easy to get. So no hard times with the fichting (expect for the dragons)
Its ideal for training your fichting skils with Dink Smallwood.
So if you are not good at fichting try this D-Mod
August 9th, 2003
Score : 8.8 good
ok ill review this dmod from my point of view
this was my brothers first try at making any dmods and he has no scripting knowledge
i made sure i picked exciting final fantasy 8 music and there was only an few bugs (that i made hard to notice if i couldnt fix hehehe)
my brother put to much gold in!! i told him to remove some but he forgot opps hehehe
no new graphics
new midis but no new sound effects

its only a small dmod (you can gain alot of magic) and if you like this watch out for Dark-Knight made by me and my brother coming out very soon
dark knight has alot more humor (where we went wrong on this dmod)

July 24th, 2003
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant She/Her Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
The Rivals by DareDink and ThinkDink

The Good: A Nice little romp, with no bugs that I could find. Lots of save bots, and boncas & pillbugs to fight along the way. Then the dragons show up with there magic. Too bad there was NO magic in this game, though with the help of the speed boots I was running every which way. And you can't go wrong with a flying axe. The music was nice (when I could hear it - my fault lousey speakers). The storyline itself was simple yet had a sense of dtermination to it. Nothing new about the scenery as we have seen it in quite a few dmods.

The Bad: Nothing really bad, just a bit repetitous at times, and what was I to do with all that extra money?

Overall: I nice little dmod. I look forward to the brothers making more dmods as time goes by. (Hopefully longer ones???)

ooops my bad I missed the magic, sorry about that.
July 22nd, 2003
Score : 6.0 fair
Bard They/Them Netherlands
Lazy bum 
The rivals, by DareDink & ThinkDink.
A small uninteresting romp, in my opinion.
The story was pretty inclear to me. It seems 2 villages hold a grudge, and there's this Darknoth dude who is attacking one of these villages. I actually saw only one village, and you don't get to know why the 2 villages have war, and you don't even get to know THAT they're at war, apart from maybe some burning houses.
Quite a lot of screens, but most screens you just walk through without looking around you. This is becasue there's absolutely no scenery in the game, and all screens look the same, VERY repetive. Also no new graphics (which is fine, for a romp, ofcourse).
Music was excelent though, it really gave me the feeling it was getting serious in the end, and the tileplacing added to that feeling. It gave a nice.. touch. Gameplay is nothing special though, and there's not much humour to be found in the game. Ending was okay, and joy! I found hardly any bugs!

GRAPHICS 4,5: This is bad. No details whatsoever, no new graphics, tiles were repetive, most screens looked exactly the same... Not good.
SOUND 8: This is where the d-mod really shines. Great, dramatic music. I loved it. No new sounds or so though.
GAMEPLAY 6: Average at best. Nothing spectaculair, no quests or story involving, nada. Though, strangely, I wasn't bored a moment when playing it. I think it was because of the good music, and because I knew it was a small romp anyway. Well, the ending was pretty cool, 'cause the map was getting kinda darker, with more and harder enemies, fire along the way, and dramatic and dark music playing in the background. The boss was way too easy though, as was the entire game really. Ending was okay.
LASTING APPEAL 3: No secrets, no replay value, the game lasts 10 minutes at most and.. well. yeah. Nothing to see here.

A nice little romp, but if you want something different than the usual, don't bother downloading this.