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The Disciple

Dink's plumbing is probably faulty. Dink encounters a Spooky Ghostâ„¢. The mystery begins.
May 5th, 2019
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Philippines
Change is constant, but Constants do not change. 
"The Disciple"- dmod review.
<no spoiler contents>

Biased viewpoint,("MY" analysis):

This could be the best dmod I've ever played and finished! (as of now, because other dmods are too difficult).

It was a dmod of variety, sensation, and insanity that I made fun memories with.
The dmod itself isn't the average "kill-to-win" types, it's a variety of adventures which are brilliantly sequenced by the genius to bring out the wonderful formula of transitions of the events in it's story.

It begins from doing very simple tasks, yet during those tasks, some may become more complicated, then the exciting story makes it's grand entrance, emerging in form of a mind blowing twist. Much more of the adventure awaits...

If you are much more of an explorer, and you don't fear venturing far places, then this fits for you. Very puzzling. There is a labyrinthine part where you may find it difficult to locate the way out. (I won't spoil of it!)

Humor, well then, that's self-explanatory. For me, it seems like it's difficult to figure out the humor/dialogue construction and vocabulary of the author because different characters have different manners of joking. What a flexible genius!

Action! There's a part where you really need to act fast, dodge this and that, run here and there. I'm pretty sure you'll love the boss battles,(but you'll hate the very difficult final boss). So it's not the kind of dmod that makes you kill a lot of enemies, which is not very sensational.

Neutral viewpoint, (what you really need to know)


Pretty nice, most new tiles were hue-modified and recolored, most enemy sprites don't surpass the 3D quality of the original DS graphics.

Level design:

Well polished, not rushed, ornamented with background materials so it doesn't look plain.


Matches every situation, a few soundtracks are good, the SFX are fine.


Exceptional work.
Fitted for variety adventurers.