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Peasant He/Him Philippines
Change is constant, but Constants do not change. 
Some things about me;

1.) I love science.
2.) I am always curios and I spend at least 2 hours of thinking before going to sleep.
3.) Music is one reason I still wanna live.

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2020-06-05 17:54:44
Peasant He/Him Philippines
Change is constant, but Constants do not change. 
My posted shit about Dink RTS such as this andthat. I'm tellin ya, I GAVE UP ON IT!! like 1.65 million years ago

The reason is that the conditions I have planned are almost impossible to achieve.

I had some trouble with the editor type properties of such sprites that were meant to disappear after moving to another screen. They were multiplying.

Had lots of problems with enemy spawning patterns, and whenever a missile hits an enemy sprite, it then targets Dink. Had problems with structure building too. No good!

I thought it was going to be easy...

BTW, I started making an improved combat system, (started a few months ago), which is actually a thousand times more successful than my efforts in the RTS experiment, and I won't give up on it this time. I won't give much info about this, as it might ruin the surprise!

About the dmod

So much things learned in DinkC, I am starting to make this high-score based dmod. It's simple.

It's a running game, a ridiculously strong monster chases you. As you run for your life, you encounter random traps and obstacles spawned in the screen.

Scoring is based on how much time did you survive, and what screen you reached. I can't find a way how to score distance traveled.

That's it for now.

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