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9 Gems of Life (The)

A screen with a couple of edited slayers.
July 30th, 2003
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female Canada
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9 Gems of Life (The) by Jveenhof Wolfblitz

The Good: Dink has a new look, and a new weapon! The midis were good and a large area to be explored. Lots of monsters to be beaten, I like the octopus, as well as secrets too be found. The save bots were almost always at the healers hut. He seems to have almost all the seasonís covered here, and each one proved a challenge. The game had some funny sayings in it, something different for a change.

The Bad: Many, many bugs. Walking through walls can send you to another area of the map, or in another zone altogeather. Luckily I saved the game a lot. A lot of money, but nothing to spend it on, no magic that I discovered either. Walking through trees rocks and over houses was very abundant here I spent more time walking around, then I did killing the Guardians of the Gems.

Overall: This is the Part 1 of the 2 part series, which I hope the bugs and glitches have been fixed. But if you really like a challenging game, were confusion reigns, this is the dmod for you.