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SuperWolfman's Button Pack

July 25th, 2002
Score : 9.1 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
Superwolfman's first file that has been released to the Dink Network is indeed a very good file, and indeed a VERY original file. A button pack! No, nobody has thought about doing this yet! Which makes it outstanding from the other DEV files. I really do adore some of these buttons, and here's why...


There are loads of buttons here, each button set, and there are five sets, comes with yet another 6 sets of colours. Thus, to start his strengths off, there are loads of possible choices to choose from here. Great. Now then, I mostly liked the futuristic buttons here. Very well done. I was very pleased with the way he has done the first set. With the letters enlarging on mouse-over. This was a very funky effect, made me laugh when I saw it. Small letters then BOOM! big letters. Ooooh, I feel all special. I did happen to enjoy viewing the 3rd set. The futuristic style set. This was very well done to make it look, well... futuristic. I'm not quite sure why everyone didn't like the colour silver with any of the sets however. I thought the silver looked very sweet, very sweet indeed. I can see why some people do not like it, it's because none of the silver ones fit in with the "set" they are in. However, the silver ones give you a different 'feel' anyway. I really liked that, lots One of the reasons I felt having lots of different colours was good, is the fact that, if for example, you have an orange title screen (for some strange bizzare reason, this is only an example though) and you want to use a certain button, you don't just have one colour. If he did it with only orange buttons, then you'd be pretty stumped as you couldn't use the buttons, they'd look strange. This way, you can DEFINATELY use your favourite "set" without having to worry about how it will fit in with the title screen. There are plenty more strengths I'd love to discuss, but have to move onto the weaknesses section now...


I guess he puts silver in each of the "sets" is kind of a weakness, he should add a new "silver set". That would have been better. I felt that all though they were good, some of them used kind of the same 'bases' as others did. For example, number 3 had some of the same qualities as number 1 did. It's not that this is neccesarily bad, it's the fact that they're not 100% unique, and I like unique things. I really can't think of any more weaknesses as Superwolfman has made a very good pack, applaud...


An outstanding orignial set of buttons that can be used in any D-MOD to make the title screen look more proffesional. A very well done set here, that obviously shows a) the amount of time that Superwolfman has put into the set, and b) his great art skill. Good artwork here Superwolfman, I'd also like to see another set!

Total 9.1
Grade A (Passing greatly by my standards)

End Comment "Beautiful buttons that you can use in your D-MOD"