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August 6th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant He/Him
Another classic D-MOD that our good old Danny Boy has produced here. Basically, this was a very good D-MOD. This has plenty of new graphics and includes Dink's trusty DinkSaber! This has a rather unusual storyline as it has nothing to do with Dink Smallwood, however it is very good. There were no major bugs that I found and as a whole, this D-MOD rocks!


Brings back memories of when I saw Star Wars, very funny humour in this game and a very brilliant storyline. Even though, of course, George Lucus came up with most of it... Dan Walma has converted this film Star Wars into a funny, short, playable romp. It is a good laugh, and has a funny introduction. The music here is very good as it fits in with the Star Wars theme tunes. There are plenty of funny moments in the game, and plenty of new friends and enemies. Dan Walma has twisted Star Wars very well and has obviously spent a some good time on planning this out. He uses Perleys Autumn tiles as they used to be called Desert tiles. They are good anyway though. Great strengths, now what about the weaknesses...


Some of the Jawa's were hard to kill and shot very fast. I died quite a few times because they repeatadly shot at high speeds with powerful impacts. This was a bit corny in some places. By that I mean it was a cheap way of converting that Star Wars bit into Dink. The music got a bit annoying at times, and so did the amount of walking and finding out where you are supposed to go. Overall though, I really think this D-MOD deserves a commendation.


A great funny D-MOD with great music to fit all pieces. A funny, humourous way to convert Star Wars into the Dink gaming engine. Lots of new graphics to fit the star wars mood and a great storyline altogether

Total 7.0
Grade B- (Passing with good marks)

End Comment "Great fun, I recommend the download"