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August 6th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant He/Him
Another classic D-MOD that our good old Danny Boy has produced here. Basically, this was a very good D-MOD. This has plenty of new graphics and includes Dink's trusty DinkSaber! This has a rather unusual storyline as it has nothing to do with Dink Smallwood, however it is very good. There were no major bugs that I found and as a whole, this D-MOD rocks!


Brings back memories of when I saw Star Wars, very funny humour in this game and a very brilliant storyline. Even though, of course, George Lucus came up with most of it... Dan Walma has converted this film Star Wars into a funny, short, playable romp. It is a good laugh, and has a funny introduction. The music here is very good as it fits in with the Star Wars theme tunes. There are plenty of funny moments in the game, and plenty of new friends and enemies. Dan Walma has twisted Star Wars very well and has obviously spent a some good time on planning this out. He uses Perleys Autumn tiles as they used to be called Desert tiles. They are good anyway though. Great strengths, now what about the weaknesses...


Some of the Jawa's were hard to kill and shot very fast. I died quite a few times because they repeatadly shot at high speeds with powerful impacts. This was a bit corny in some places. By that I mean it was a cheap way of converting that Star Wars bit into Dink. The music got a bit annoying at times, and so did the amount of walking and finding out where you are supposed to go. Overall though, I really think this D-MOD deserves a commendation.


A great funny D-MOD with great music to fit all pieces. A funny, humourous way to convert Star Wars into the Dink gaming engine. Lots of new graphics to fit the star wars mood and a great storyline altogether

Total 7.0
Grade B- (Passing with good marks)

End Comment "Great fun, I recommend the download"
May 1st, 2013
Score : 4.0 tolerable
Peasant They/Them Brazil
Jesus SavesĀ® 
I don't liked much because the storyline. the enemies are hard (and a bit intelligent), can grant some fun, but is short and you end the game with a sad notice.

above the storyline, it's good, remember starwars, good weapons...

you can play, but the storyline (may) do you beign sad, wanting a GOOD end...

I give 4.0
March 8th, 2007
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant He/Him Finland bloop
A Disembodied Sod 
Star Dink. Hmm...
Well not as bad as I though. Actually... pretty good!

Story: You play Dink Smallwood, pig farmer who lives in planet Plaatoine.
I think that it was in Star wars Taatoine.
One day your ungle O tells you to go check on pigs.
Dink meets a jawa, who kill all the pigs. Dink's ungle will ask you to leave. No! He TELL you to leave. You meet O B, old hermit.
And you make your way to Alder on. (I THINK, IT NAME*S ALDER ON)

Graphics: New ones. Like: Jawas, starships, colnetroopers, etc.

Good: Jawas. Dinksaber. And new voices and midis.

Bad: The story was pretty odd. The name's was changed, but maybe it's a joke. Though, I didn't like it!

Overal: A very little and funny d-mod, with a many new craphics.

I have made my decision and will give it 8.7. Points. A good points for a d-mod like this!
August 25th, 2006
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant She/Her
The new graphics were alright, although the Jawas looked out-of-place for some reason. The plot was adequate and the humor decent. The Jawas were a tad tough for a beginning-level Dink, and it didn't help any that they were able to attack from a distance while Dink couldn't. The ending seemed rather abrupt, and I was disappointed by the extremely short length and the lack of clear direction once Uncle O and Aunt Whatever kicked Dink out of the house. A fairly decent dmod, although it desperately needs either weaker Jawas or a savebot near the beginning, since Dink's health was so low after disposing of the pig-killing Jawa that I died twice trying to dispatch the Jawa that killed that mounted guard.
June 14th, 2006
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant He/Him United States
The world could always use more heroes 
I have one thing to say to Dan Walma. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?! You made the jawas very difficult to kill. I got killed in 20 seconds. Next time make Dink stronger or the enemies weaker. However, I was finally able to beat them.

Storyline 5.0
Map 7.0
Graphics 6.0
Music 10.0 (The intro is Star Wars music)
Plot 4.0 (Not a major plot)
Difficulty -2.0

Overall is 6.0. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but master killers or Star Wars fans.
June 25th, 2005
Score : 8.0 good
well, there ain't much to say about this D-mod, but i will try...

it's fun, and nice. has many new graphics and
it has Humor, thats one of the best parts!!
i like the jawas, the are cute, but, they are too
difficult to defeat, they hurt so much with their blasters!


All D-mods has it's weaknesses...

well, the bad is that it is so short, after the space fight where
the D-mod ended i got sad, as the Great D-mod ended so short, that
tosses a lot of points, and hoped to get a blaster (star wars pistol)
as the one the stormtroopers had, but sadly, it was a "no"...

overall a good D-mod worth playing!!
December 28th, 2003
Score : 8.9 good
GOOD:I think that this game is very fun by the exception that u don't have many things to do except KILL the JAWA'S. other then that i think it is very funny and ok graphics with the spaceship. BAD:The only things I found bad were that u can't learn the PUSH and not enuff missions. OVERALL i rate this a 8.9 this is a fairly good short game.FIT FOR: ppl that want to have at least 5 mins of fun.
December 18th, 2002
Score : 7.4 good
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: Dink is a pig farmer again, but this time in a Star Wars parody.

Map and graphics: The map is nothing fancy, but it serves it purposes. There are new graphics, such as the Jawas, the Dinksaber, the astromech droid, and the spaceships.

Music: The music from Star Wars!

Good: The story is nice. The space battle at the end is real good. The new sound effects are nice, as are the lasers the Jawas use.

Not so good: There is no savebot in the beginning, although you have to fight, and there are screenlocks. It came with a saved game. The new graphics are rather small.

Overall: A very nice, although rather small, adventure.

Fit for: You have to like Star Wars, but if you do, this is well worth the download.
July 3rd, 2002
Score : 7.8 good
This Dmod is simply Dink living with his Aunt and Uncle in a Star Wars-Dink Smallwood theme.

Goods: Sound effects from Star Wars! I found NO bugs, and I know that everyone HATES bugs, plus the new graphics were cool.

Bads: Not much humor in this Dmod, but that's all thats bad, though.

Overall: *download this Dmod* I recomend this Dmod a LOT for Star Wars fans, and if you DON'T like Star Wars, Download it anyway. Makes a great addition to all your Dmods.
April 15th, 2002
Score : 7.2 good
Peasant They/Them
This dmod is a spoof on star wars, with such names as Dinksaber, Life Star, O B (As in Obi wan kenobi).
Strengths: Excellent adaptations of star wars theme. Good ideas, one of the best being an arcade sub-game where you control the "Decade Eagle".
Weaknesses: Some graphics just don't fit in. They seem too small, and as a result look like dwarves compared to dink. Also it can be very difficult to kill jawas at the start.
December 25th, 2001
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant They/Them United States
keep it real 
a plus if you like star wars. if you dont, i dont see any reason why you sould enjoy this at all. it is very short, but hard. the jawas shooting is impressive, but there isnt much more to the game then that. flying the falcon is original but not all that great. lightsaber is okay. some parts are funny so it gets 6.5 instead of 6. SHORT!
December 10th, 2001
Score : 7.3 good
Bard They/Them Netherlands
Lazy bum 
This Dmod is kinda cool, based on Starwars. It has a nice little story and some nice new feautures. Overall, I liked it.
GRAPHICS 7,9: Some things look fantastic, some things look average at best. The hand drawn item-thingies look only average but in the end, the part when you fly in a spaceship, looks extremely good. The tiles also fits amazingly good in the game's atmosphere.
SOUND 7: Starwars like. So it fits in the game nicely. I don't really like the new soundeffects, but the midis sound okay.
GAMEPLAY 7,5: Not much, but than again, it has some nice new things like a scrolling screen; the part you fly a spaceship. Other than that, it isn't really anything special. I didn't encounter any bugs by the way.
LASTING APPEAL 6,2: I THOUGHT it was bigger when I was downloading it and I HOPED it was when I was playing it. Nothin' wrong with a small Dmod sometimes though.
TOTAL: 7.2