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Revenge of the Ducks 2

The bonca thought it had a nice hat fuzzy hat.  The duck thought it had a nice mobile toilet.
May 8th, 2009
Score : 7.5 good
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"I'd like to be a tree..." 
Ok, the real story begins here.

Story: Ronan the duck is a great warrior- and hero duck afer he defeated the hunter. Ronan scares another hunter off a dying Bonca, who asks Ronan to take care of his son. After many years, Ronan and the Boncaboy that he started calling Billy, have arrived back in the Land of Xanatos (or Xanotos). They meet a druid that tells them to defeat evil Lord Xanatos (or Xanotos). And so, the quest begins.

Map: Map is very standard style. Not very much details, but not too few.

Graphics: Graphics are nice. There is this new graphic showing duck sitting on Bonca, and it is used with Ronan and Billy. I can't remember any other new graphics.

Music: Is nice and fits the situation.

Gameplay: Gameplay is nice. Not's much fighting. It's more like talking to everyone and find the right place to continue. It had nice use of the lantern. Also, it's nice that you can hit with Billy's tail, and shot with Ronan's fireball. So, you actually use them both.

Good: Gameplay, and story.

Bad: Well, it COULD have had more detailed map, but that's not very necesary. There were a few bugs. The ending could have been planned better aswell, but that's only what I think.

Overall: 7.5. A nice romp with some new graphics. You definnitely should check it.

Fit for: Anyone who wants to play pretty short (Romp) D-Mod with good story, some brainpuzzles (though, they are minor) and a few new graphics.