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Pilgrim's Quest

It's not a dress... It's a robe!  - PQ Redux Vine attack!
June 26th, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
My fav dmod!
its a good story aswell
dink does what he does best
saves chiks and helps her on her journey
she gets kidnapped and dink goes to save her

Graphics 9.5 there was alot of new baddies and that was great!! plus new spells and those riddles are fun!!

Gameplay 9.9 there wasnt many bugs and there was so much to explore!! i loved it

Sounds 9.0 there was some new sounds and they was good for the mood of the game at that time!!

Overall 10!
this game was the best dmod ive ever played and i loved the firewood forest! so i give it a