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Pilgrim's Quest

July 14th, 2004
Score : 9.9 exceptional
What can I say? This is the best Dmod ever made. Probably better than some RPGs.

The bad:
Mostly unmemorable music.
Annoying sounds, especially with menus and inventory.
A lot of care required in getting powerups and leveling the right stats.

The good.
Very interesting graphics... the monsters are at least as imaginative than those in Diablo II in terms of appearance, and Diablo II had corpulents and sand-raiders. Everything has a cartoonish, rendered look to it very much in keeping with the original game... some of it looks a little more cartoonish, the trees for instance, but never actually out of place.

The gameplay is amazingly entertaining. There are very few games of this tactical depth. Choosing which spell to use genuinely requires some thought, and when you come up against a new enemy you have to try out various tactics to figure how to kill it. There isn't even too much new stuff (i.e., magic and weapons), just a really nice effort to balance things out.

A lot of effort has gone into decoration and scripting. The people are a lot of fun to talk to and the map is... aesthetically pleasing. The plot isn't too compelling, but it fits the game.

Overall, the best Dmod ever made, a fantastic entertainment value, please download and play this if you possess a soul.