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Kill the Hippies... Again

March 9th, 2004
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: This is just as the first part: kill the hippies and you have won the game. Well, sort of anyway!

Map and graphics: The map is very small but nicely detailed. The hippies are the same ones from the first part, but the power ups are new and they look nice; all in hippies style!

Music: Real nice.

Good: There is not much of a story and it only serves to kill the hippies. The conversation is funny though. The end is funny too, but you have to like such an ending, I guess. I enjoyed it.

Not so good: There are no savebots (that was also the case in the first part - I guess the author did not read the other reviews). There should at least be a savebot on the start screen. You can not use the TNT (which was also the case in the first part) because you can not throw or drop it and it will explode while Dink holds it. The map is really small and because it is quite detailed and has hippies on it too that you are supposed to kill, there is not very much space to fight.

Overall: A little D-mod that is not quite as funny as the first part. And the same errors and bugs that were in the first part, are in this part too, which is annoying.

Fit for: If you want to kill some hippies. That is really all you can do.
May 3rd, 2005
Score : 1.0 horrible
Kill the hippies again

I couldn’t believe that I’d actually play another one of these games…

Story: Hippies have stolen your house…? Stupid pointless story… But at least it has one..

Gameplay: While still a lot of bugs it was nice to not be confined into a narrow passageway… Overall the gameplay is better in this one…

Graphics: Same old new graphics, but they have decorated the other maps, which is good. Still not the best… But hey, as long as there not empty!

Music: Once again I didn’t think the music suited the occasion but at least I could hear it this time… Not really much to say…

Final Thoughts: While Better that the last this Dmod still isn’t much… Just like a multitude of other Dmods I have, I would delete them if I wasn’t trying to collect them all… But surprisingly this isn’t the worst I’ve encountered…

Good: Better than last one
Bad: Were do I begin…
September 18th, 2003
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant He/Him
Simply put, the author's talent is obvious, but the D-mod it self sucks.

The good
>>Cool Menu and midi: A gruesome,but funny transition from the loading screen to the menu. Awesome midi, that fits the purpose.
>>Hippie graphics: bizzare, like some halucination. done well.
>>The power up graphics:Nice implementation
>>The boomerang:cool weapon, but slightly annoying to use a times
The bad
>>Game Play nly one type of enemy. Teribbly unbalanced. You have to get several power ups before being able to fight them efectively, then it becomes pointless.
>>Story/ending:TERRIBLE! The hippies stole your uncles house so you go to look for it, only to find out that he traded it for a pokemon card.
>>Map: The map was extremely small. The scenery was ok but there was only one npc, who didn't have much to say.
>>Dynomite:This weapon killed me a least a half dozen times before I gave up trying to throw it or set it down.Either an error, or a kamakze type weapon that didnot come out well
Nice graphics and menu, but not worth the download.I'm not even sure how i triggered the ending.