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Inner Graphics Pack

For use inside of houses, or anything else you think of (that is of course, inside someplace).
Released:February 23rd, 2010
File Size:21.29 KB
Release Notes:I was an idiot and released the JPEG forms of the graphics instead of the bitmaps. You may now flame me to death for this stupid mistake.
March 21st, 2013
Score : 5.5 fair
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These are some nice images, but it doesn't feel like they fit in with dink graphics.

All the images have different names. This leaves me to do the work of renaming them to something that I can put into a ini line.

There are eight images in this file. Four of which are walls. Three are rugs. And one is a wall decoration. They do look quite pretty, might even be too pretty.

This is a poorly made file for such nice bmps. I have my doubts about these comfortably fitting in any dmod, but you're welcome to try.