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House Tiles

August 25th, 2003
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant Male Australia
There are lots of new tiles in here. Most are not very good. They are in sets and I found only 6 or 8 of them of any appeal to me. There are 24 tiles in each bmp, with 14 separate bmps in the download.

They range from crazy stuff to stone/marble and wooden floors. There is a couple of wooden ones Iíd like to try but I saw only a few that had the same slate approach to their orientation that the original Dink tiles have (wood floors and pavement) and itís this diagonal orientation which works well in creating DMODs. I find the tiles that have purely vertical and horizontal lines weird.

Too many of them are pastel colours with little sense of definition. But it you are looking for tiles and donít wonít to make your own, try these you might find something you like.

A few useful tiles, many that arenít. I think the potential author will have to re-edit the ones they want to use which detracts enormously from the ease of use of such a file. Also the instructions on replacing tile sets could have been a bit more explicit as in Ė rename a set as say T39.bmp to replace the standard skeleton_b tilesÖ

6.5 out of 10
February 9th, 2003
Score : 6.8 fair
Bard Netherlands xbox
Lazy bum 
Hmmm chocolate cake! That's jus... oh it's time to write a review of this file, because I'm using it for my MASSIVE new game! Let's begin, shall we?

First of all, most individual tiles suck ass. However, there are tons of them, so that doesn't matter that much, because quite some tiles are still worth the download.
Especially the 'crazy' ones are worth a look. They contain a lot of color throughout and look kinda fantasy-ish. Overall, I like them.
The other category, the house tiles, are not so good. Most tiles suck here, and just *some* of them pass my test
There is one more tile set named wood, which has one fantastic tile, but most other aren't exactly great either.
Overall I find this worth the download, 'cause there are still quite some tiles which look pretty good. On the other hand, some tiles look extremely bad, and looks like an.. uhm, yeah. This obviously distracts from the final score, which is........


January 26th, 2003
Score : 3.5 tolerable
I had a chance to take a look at the new house files and must say I was unimpressed. I'd say 80% of the color on the tiles was done poorly. I know that a lot of the tiles are just previous tiles with the color replaced which is fine; however, a lot of the graphics are poorly rendered, the color bleed isn't perfect. If you look at a few of the tiles they are little more then a solid color i.e. all blue etc.. Now that i've gotten the aspects I dont like Lets get into the different tiles I do like.
There are a few tiles I haven't seen before, the olor isn't as hard to look at and the color transform/replace is smooth. A lot of them are crazy and might go well with setting the mood in certain areas. Overall most of the tiles are not that good. But there are tiles in here worth a d/l.