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March 7th, 2010
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male United States
In memory of Skull. 
I remember Platform Dink in its original stages, I knew there was potential but the gameplay shown wasn't too appealing at its current state. FallDink looks much more refined, with less vibration of Dink and the jumping feature removed until (I assume) it gets fixed. But on to the final score.

Gameplay: A simple arcade style that is addicting and fun. My only problem is that Dink needs a little more horizontal speed. Maybe different difficulties where the movement speed is also affected.

Graphics: As the new Dink image from the original Platform Dink is used in the gameplay, everything else is black and green. I understand that this apparently calls for a new line of Dink graphics but it could still be more appealing.

Music: Given how so many midis are reused that you have to search hard for something good and new to the DN, I understand how mediocre music will end up in the d-mods. But it could still be better.
1.5 For having music that is slightly fitting to arcade and doesn't become unnappealing in the first five seconds.

Final conclusion: With some balancing adjustments, some extra graphics, maybe an option of difficulty level and some different music (like something that changes after a certain point to match the panic made by the speed), I'm sure that this could be a DN favorite for arcade style Dink.

Final score: 7.0

Recommended for: Those who like a simple arcade game and have slightly relaxed expectations (I believe the latter applies for everyone.)