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Hotel of the Middle Night

It's your job to find out Holy hell, that is gory.
1.The Ritual has started... the longest ritual in the history of us...
2.But what is the meaning of this ritual? We, humans, know so little...
3.But is there someone who is wiser than us? Someone who could say:
''Who is the one to stay, and who is the one to leave? Only one thing
can decide that. You can hear it's voice when you die.... Middle Night''

- The Book of Dark Phoenix Chapter 5

The first part in the Middle Night trilogy...
So far released Middle Nights:

- The Hotel of the Middle Night

During an adventure Dink finds a hotel to sleep at.

But when the night falls, Dink notices, that the adventure isn't the only thing to worry about.
Released:April 29th, 2009
File Size:3.60 MB
Release Notes:Version updates:
-Removes the save files that were not supposed to be there
-Adds some helpful things
-Yeah and the onions changed into garlic, what a tragic accident that was
-Oh, and also gives you a cool update list, that pretty much includes all the same things that this list does

I had to number it as version 1.02, since my last version update failed, and it doesn't let me name it version 1.01
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August 12th, 2009
Score : 4.3 tolerable
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
When the hotel of the middle night came out back in late '08 I tried playing through it, but I quickly became bored with it and gave up. Now, almost a year later, Skull convinced me to give it another try. Unfortunately this new playthrough still left me disappointed, and I'd probably not finished it either if it wasn't for the walkthrough.

The main question that I had when I played this game was 'why?' There doesn't seem to be any logic involved in the story. You complete a number of tasks in a very specific order without any hint on what you should be doing next. In practice this means you are walking aimlessly through the DMOD touching, hitting, pushing and talking to everything until you hit upon a cutscene somehow. Not my idea of great gameplay. Also there seemed to be hardness randomly distributed over some of the interior rooms.

The idea of this DMOD was to be scary, but unfortunately the gameplay takes away a lot of the atmosphere. If you're looking for a completely random object that will progress the story for 15 minutes in a world completely devoid of hidden danger you're not going to feel afraid anymore, no matter how good the sound effects are. Because the sound effects are good. While I didn't feel particularly afraid I did think the sound effects and music were used very well, they fit in perfectly with this type of DMOD.

Another thing I was annoyed by is the apparent lack of a savemachine. Why, oh why can't I find a savemachine? According to the readme it has one, but I couldn't find it. So, when I finally got to the final boss I had 5 seconds to do 'something'. Again no clue was given what I needed to do, so I just started talking, pushing, hitting and touching things. But I didn't manage managed to do exactly the right thing in five seconds. So, I get killed and need to start all over again. Am I glad there is a walkthrough next time.

One of the good things of this DMOD is its story. There were people with mistaken identities, and people who you thought were dead that turned out to be very much alive or at least not very dead. I especially liked the last cutscene The only thing missing is the link with the actual gameplay. This means that the story that you see consists out of random bits of information that are linked together in a random order until they are explained in the last cutscene. A logical order would have done great things for the story. Oh and the story is a bit too complicated for the size of DMOD as well. I would have chosen a slightly more modest story.

So, if you compare my review with the other reviews on this side I might come around a bit harsh. But really I can't see how walking aimlessly until you somehow hit upon something new is fun, or scary for that matter. All in all I was more frustrated then anything else. It might have a good story, but that's like putting bad food in a fancy wrap. I liked the wrap.

Final verdict:

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