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March 7th, 2003
Score : 7.4 good
Dry is very strange d-mod. It has simple plot, and lot of humor (atleast supposed to be . It is stupid d-mod, but funny too. You will hate the Crazy Portal, you will hate very long cutscenes, you will hate all the walking, but you will enjoy some humor, punching stuff, talking to anybody, etc. etc. Quite nice quest, worth download.

PLOT: Dink is visiting his friend Dry. They had a good time that night, but next morning, Dry sends Dink to get some water. Plot is simple, but to get water in desert can be quite hard. First it seems there is water everywhere, but that is just illusion. However, it seems good plot for funny d-mod like this. *Score: 9.5*

GRAPHICS: All graphics were modified from old ones, original Dink Smallwood graphics. Very good, stuff like pink pigs, red pillars and red caves. Only new graphic is trilobite, wich isn't very impressive, but modified graphics were good. *Score: 8.5*

SOUND: First thing that annoys me, is that the midis were so short. Almost all were 10-20 seconds long, and the midis were not that great after all. New sounds include girl screaming (singing and knock the door (atleast!) There might have been more, but I don't remember them. *Score: 7.9*

END COMMENT: Just complicated: plot is good, graphics were good and sounds sucked. Puzzle solving is not so hard, but there are people who are good at fighting and not so good at puzzles, and there are people who are good in puzzles, but not so good in fighting. This d-mod has lots of puzzles, not very hard ones. Download, worth of it. *Average Score: 7.5*