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September 26th, 2002
Score : 6.7 fair
Peasant He/Him
Now then, a little green lightsaber... Star Wars, is definately the first thing that comes to my head with this file. And that's the first thing that this file has been made for, it's been made to make you think Star Wars and... oh nevermind...

There are several sounds included in this cute little DinkSaber (Star Wars) package. By sounds I'm saying .wav files if you didn't get that the first time. The sound files are simple, yet very effective for a little green lightsaber that Dink uses. You wouldn't want to hear a deadly Jedi lightsaber go 'chunk!' would you? No, so that's the prescise reason why some little .wav's have been included, all so nice...

Now then, if you're thinking... "Does this include all the graphics I need for a DinkSaber?" Well the answer to that is, yes it does. All the graphics you'd need for a GREEN lightsaber are included so you don't have to go and make your own. But how much effort was put into getting/making the graphics for the lightsaber? Not much, basically Dan has simply taken Dink walking with a sword, idle with a sword, and attacking with a sword in all directions, and has put green shades over the sword to make it look like a lightsaber, I can tell this because it still has the original sword handles visible. However, this can all easily be changed by getting rid of those handles in MSPAINT.

On whole though, what can I say? The lightsaber is a great thing to mess around with and is great for hinting those D-MOD ideas. Go on, download it, play about and have a laugh!


Total 6.7
End Comment "Dinks sword + green colours from MSPAINT = Dinksaber!"