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This system lets Dink have a lot more items using an auxiliary inventory in the form of "treasury chest" that Dink can visit from time to time or a mobile trunk that he carries around.

*Best download of august 2002*

*Best Development file of 2002*
Released:August 5th, 2002
File Size:487.40 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
August 5th, 2002
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
To start off, why did we have to wait this long for a system like this to be released? I don't know, but I'm glad it's here now.

Tyrsis gives a pretty good description of her work, but there much more to it. You're wondering: "really, what is it, tell us!!" But relax, it will come. Let me just give some reasons to download this dev source and use it in your d-mod. It'll resemble a review

1)You can now store up to 31 items. That means you can haul around lot more stuff which could lead to more complex puzzles, something that I would like to see and try to do myself

2)Items like potions now only occupy one item spot. Meaning even more inventory space for useless items like porn mags and donuts!

3) Speed boots and armor are already equiped when they're in your inventory and don't lose their effect until you put them back in your chest. A nice, realistic new touch.

4)You can drop items! Once again I see new possiblilities for puzzles, but maybe that just me. Anyway, this is nice to see included

5)You can browse your chest in a cool graphical way. If I had to write this, I'd have a dumb text menu, but there is detail in this design.

6)There is quite a bit of documentation included on how implement this system in your d-mod or how to adapt it for your d-mod, which is great.
Ted Shutes helped Tyrsis on this project and he wrote some interesting stuff too.

So is there anything negative about this system? I tried to come up with something, but there's nothing I can think of. Maybe people will become really jealous of Tyrsis and hate her because she released this? I don't know.

In short, think of the possibilities and use this wisely. It can only make your d-mod better. Unless you're really bad at d-mod making

Score: 9.6 Because it might be improved even further and then I will have to raise the score
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