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Champion Pig Farmer
Released:August 15th, 2022
File Size:92.67 MB
Release Notes: ------ Change log for 1.99 ---------- (August 2022)

* map_tile dinkc command now checks ranges and if there is actually source tile data to write in that index (ebilV, Robj)
* Detects and fixes a rare situation where a sprite is connected to a dead script (Robj)
* Disabled the window bar menu, alt would appear to freeze the game (Robj)
* Properly shows correct dinkc version when starting a dmod, before showed incorrect version (Robj)
* if update_status is disabled, it doesn't blank out that area, it just leaves whatever was there (Robj)
Released:August 14th, 2022
File Size:92.67 MB
Release Notes:Changes from 1.97:

* Entire app can be used with just a gamepad or keyboard, previously it required the mouse to get started
* DinkC addition: get_client_fork() added. Always returns 1.
* get_version() incremented one due to the above change. Now returns 112
* No longer drawing a black square behind the active magic icon. No idea why I was doing that. (Robc)
Released:August 11th, 2022
File Size:92.59 MB
Release Notes:Several bug fixes, Dmod compatibility fixes and improvements.

Some of the changes in this version include:
* BUGFIX: Now properly rebuilds surfaces when dynamically switching from 8 bit to 32 bit color back buffer mode, it does this the first time it detects high color sprites in a dmod)
* BUGFIX: Fixed issue with pushing animation code that caused Charlie's Legacy to freeze dink on frame 1 when pushing
* Unless you're using touch controls, choosing an inventory item will no longer auto-close the menu, not really need for keyboard/gamepad players
* load_script gives a warning to log if you try to load a script to a sprite that doesn't exist instead of crashing
* Added support for bmps using "bitfields" (to Proton)
* BUGFIX: Unknown procedures give correct error in log, before it would include weird garbage
* HUGE speedup on script loading - fixes slowdowns in dmods that do intensive script processing
* No longer writes "drawing hardmap" to the log
* BUGFIX: Fixed *.pdb open error which caused log.txt crash info to log less than it should have
* Changed every single sp_<something> command so it won't crash on a bad sprite index, will log it and return -1 to indicate an error
* BUGFIX: Fixed issue where reloading sequences in DMODS could eventually crash the game
* Audio assigned to an invalid sprite owner no longer causes crashes
* Say() command with invalid sprite no longer causes crashes
* A manual draw_status dinkc command now causes status bar variables to be updated instead of animating the differences, to match other dink engine versions
* BUGFIX: Reloading sprite sequences with longer ones no longer loses set_frame_frame info
* Added "Unfreeze Player" command to the secret debug menu
Released:February 12th, 2022
File Size:55.17 MB
Release Notes:* (Bugfix) Fixed crash in Windows 10/11. What was the problem? I'm not sure, simply rebuilding the game with my current dev environment was enough to fix it
* "Cheats" button renamed "Debug tools" and only show the cheat options if debug mode is enabled, then you re-enter the menu. Seemed like having cheats right in your face is a bad idea and probably caused people to ruin the game by cheating even when they didn't need it
* XInput gamepads now supported, can be plugged/unplugged during play
* Misc fixes to how windowing/resolutions worked, removed some code that caused weird buggy behavior in Win 10/11, was written long ago
* Added quit button (Windows version)
Released:June 7th, 2018
File Size:42.12 MB
Release Notes: * This release fixes CVE-2018-0496: Sylvain Beucler and Dan Walma discovered several directory traversal issues in DFArc, an extension manager for the Dink Smallwood game, allowing an attacker to overwrite arbitrary files on the user's system. (While this doesn't use DFArc, some of the same "zip slip" issues applied)
* Applied Dan Walma's fix so DinkHD would not incorrectly interpret sp_frame(x, -1) as sp_frame(x, 1), this fixes an issue with the Malachi the Jerk DMOD
Released:October 21st, 2017
File Size:42.14 MB
Release Notes:Fancy shadows, png loading support, full integration with the Dink Network for dmod browsing/installing, correct aspect ratio on any screen size
Released:June 19th, 2011
File Size:45.95 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.