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Champion Pig Farmer
Released:February 12th, 2022
File Size:55.17 MB
Release Notes:* (Bugfix) Fixed crash in Windows 10/11. What was the problem? I'm not sure, simply rebuilding the game with my current dev environment was enough to fix it
* "Cheats" button renamed "Debug tools" and only show the cheat options if debug mode is enabled, then you re-enter the menu. Seemed like having cheats right in your face is a bad idea and probably caused people to ruin the game by cheating even when they didn't need it
* XInput gamepads now supported, can be plugged/unplugged during play
* Misc fixes to how windowing/resolutions worked, removed some code that caused weird buggy behavior in Win 10/11, was written long ago
* Added quit button (Windows version)
Released:June 7th, 2018
File Size:42.12 MB
Release Notes: * This release fixes CVE-2018-0496: Sylvain Beucler and Dan Walma discovered several directory traversal issues in DFArc, an extension manager for the Dink Smallwood game, allowing an attacker to overwrite arbitrary files on the user's system. (While this doesn't use DFArc, some of the same "zip slip" issues applied)
* Applied Dan Walma's fix so DinkHD would not incorrectly interpret sp_frame(x, -1) as sp_frame(x, 1), this fixes an issue with the Malachi the Jerk DMOD
Released:October 21st, 2017
File Size:42.14 MB
Release Notes:Fancy shadows, png loading support, full integration with the Dink Network for dmod browsing/installing, correct aspect ratio on any screen size
Released:June 19th, 2011
File Size:45.95 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.