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August 25th, 2003
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant Male Australia
Here is a little utilty that colours a bmp. A choice of 6 colour plus greyscale. Handy for those that know nothing about image manipulation or who can't afford a graphics program... or can't be bothered to learn who to use a free graphics program such as the Gimp.

Downsides to the is are: doesn't convert to 256 colours if original graphic was 16 mill, doesn't load Dink palette, if you bring a really large graphic in the program resizes to fit the image and so you have to reposition the program to find the buttons that control the colour change (I hate that), also the program is additive in it's colour change, and by that I mean if you do one colour change to say blue, and then do a yellow or red, you will get a dark yellow or dark red... which is an added bonus in that you can get more than 7 shades, but this should be an option you can either turn off or on.

Ultimately I don't think this program is of much use until it has colour reduction to 8 bit, loading of Dink palette and batch processing on a series of files.

5 out of 10