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Cycles of Evil

Note to self: farming in the middle of winter isn't a good idea.
November 11th, 2002
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
This is good... This i REALLY good.

It is about some strange events happening in a small town. At first it just seem to be a slow beginning like the start of any adventure... But suddenly the story jump 30 years into the future! So you start playing this new Hero. A little by litle you begin to understand the plot and you must find out what happens next.

There's really no new graphics. No map. No special weapons. You can't level up. You simply play along the story, allmost like a movie. With a lot of flashback (I think one the other reviews mention that to)! While this may sound lame you really get captured by the story. It is really exciting...

GOOD: The story. The whole D-mod is the story. It's also cool to control diffenrent characters in different scenes and the end have a suprising twist.

BAD: You don't have that much to say in the story. It could maybe use a subquest or two, or just an alternate ending. But no. There's not that much fighting either and you are pretty much sure to win those that are.

Eventhough this review may sound a bit negative it deserves it's score. Simply because you don't notice the lacks when you play.

I hope this D-mod will bring many new of the same kind with it. Especially ones with a bit more freedom of choices...