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June 8th, 2002
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
A good DMOD demo. If this Dmod would be full, it could be better then "SOB", "POTA", OR "FRIENDS BEYOND TRILOGY.... You start in your house, but when you wake up- you see a black waves in left of your house. Then Dink says: -There are my weapons! Well, atleast i got my fireball magic scrool. (or something like that). Then you have to go to martigde, save your village peoples, and go to the one snowland.
Cool new graphics! Those rats- Cool stuff. I really like them! You will see those new graphics when you will play this DMOD.
Yea, there is new sounds... Really good sounds. I can say it again: Try it, and then you will understand what im saying...
Save your village and go to the snowland. There you must find a cave where you could live. well, that is end of demo...
Great DMOD! Really worth to download! If you want to play good game- then try it. There is only 1 minus- when everyone is in the cave, and you talk with you friends, the game crashes... But everything is perfect. I didnt find any bugs...