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Between the Shadows

March 30th, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
I get the feeling that one would have to know the author in order to appreciate this file. Some points:

1. As far as I can tell, this intro does not show the "limits of the dink engine." It is most certainly not 3D Dink. Instead, it features some full screen animations (prerendered in gorgeous 3D), along with some neat panning effects, and excellent sequencing, sound, etc. If you open the graphics folder, you can essentially find every single frame of this dmod.

In my opinion, an animation like this (using only premade frames) is hardly an impressive use of the dink engine. It just turns Dink into Flash. Which is, come to think, pretty impressive. But nevermind that.

2. As art, this is brilliant, as an intro it's no good. As far as I can tell, it says nothing of the story, gameplay, or content of the dmod it was supposed to introduce.

Of course, you're missing out on an amazing visual (and auditory) experience if you don't download this, but it doesn't live up to the hype.